Welcome to the Official website of EXMORTUS BOOK ONE: TOWERS OF DAWN, Exmortus Book Two: Temples Diabolic, AND EXMORTUS BOOK THREE: TOMBS IN CHORUS

A group of battle-weary knights from the ancient monastic fortress of Exmortus Abbey have unearthed something unholy.

A new star hangs low in the horizon, directly over the hellhole where half the Abbey's knights lost their lives, a star that some of the men claim is following them.

And back at Exmortus, Ash Xavier, an impatient young knight-in-training, is beginning to unearth ages-old secrets beneath the Abbey's vaults, oblivious to the horrors hurtling at him through space.

EXMORTUS, BOOK I: TOWERS OF DAWN is a work of dark fantasy in the mold of George R.R. Martin or Gene Wolfe, in which every standard fantasy cliche is skewered and boiled alive, and where heroes and villains are not what they seem.

exmortus, book II: temples diabolic is the shocking sequel in which ash, holding the most dangerous object in loross, decides to leave everything behind and pursue his heart's desire  - a woman he loves despite not even knowing her name - while terrors from his childhood conspire to murder him.

exmortus, book III: tombs in chorus is the homicidal conclusion to the trilogy in which ash, having unleashed the apocalypse, must now choose whether to thrive, survive, or die. Complete with two of the most epic battle scenes in dark fantasy history, this one ends on a note that will surprise even the most hardcore fantasy lovers.

These books are a labor of love for me, and quite unlike any fantasy novel you've ever read. Enjoy!