The Books

EXMORTUS is my first novel, a work of dark fantasy in the manner of George R.R. Martin or Gene Wolfe, with splashes of Robert Anton Wilson thrown in for good measure. It is NOT intended for children, unless you like your kids reading about grisly murders, sex magic and genocidal demons, in which case, it IS intended for your kids. EXMORTUS: TOWERS isfollowed by Book 2: TEMPLES DIABOLIC, and Book 3: TOMBS IN CHORUS.

GOLEM is about a Midwestern college student in Prague for a bachelor party, who decides he's going to break into the attic of the Old New Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter and steal the legendary Golem of Prague.

CULTIC is the story of a popular university professor of the occult who, at the urging of his students, performs a Tarot divination on himself —and finds he will be murdered in three days. Based loosely on true events at my alma mater.

 NYE-186f is the story of a soldier 75,000 years in the future, tasked with opening the pod doors on a cpasule that contains either earth's greatest heroes... or worst monsters.