The Age of Norwald

The continent of Loross' first written history came aboard the longships of the men of Norwald, who were called across the Sea of War by the Aamu, the land's indigenous peoples. A dark star had fallen in the far east into the legendary aamu city of Kha-Luz, Mother of Light, and unstoppable beasts poured out of it, laying waste to the land with bolts of lightning and devastating streams of concentrated flame. Entire civilizations were wiped out in days.
The Norlords, knowing the sea would not hold the beasts at bay forever, crossed the ocean to battle the alien creatures. despite huge losses at first, they perservered through sheer force of will, until the enemy had been beaten back to the mountains known as the towers of dawn.
Here, the Norlords built their fortresses. But a single young man emerged naked from the sea behind them and betrayed the Norlords, nearly wiping out everything they had accomplished to that point. In a last-ditch effort the Norlords launched an all-out invasion, driving the beasts back to Kha-Luz, where they were imprisoned forever along with The Betrayer. Kha-Luz was re-named the Dark Mother and not included on any map.