The tent was dark inside, similar in appearance to the tent he had woken up in earlier that morning. It was located a fair distance from the army's camp, some two hundred or more yards up a lonely slope on the ashy grey mountainside. The guards shoved him in and closed the flap behind him.

The bright noonday sun combined with the wound to his neck dizzied him for a moment. As his eyes adjusted, he saw that the only source of light in the tent was from a small opening near the top. A black shape brushed past him, then another in the opposite direction. What is this sorcery?

Show yourselves, cowards, and let's be done with this.” Of course the orcs were going to kill me anyway. The beasts have no honor, no discipline. Only brute strength. And stupidity in abundance.

Ash drew his sword and raised his shield but a small, soft hand brushed his cheek, its delicate fingers tracing a line down his jaw and around his neck to where the Nard had injured him. Ash froze in place as he felt something soft and wet dab lightly at his wound.

Please, sir, have a seat,” a woman's voice said. I have heard that voice before, in my dreams.

One lamp was lit, then another, as a pair of hands gently led his shoulders down into a cushioned chair. Ash felt a strange buzzing sensation on the back of his neck as the light filtered through the tent. One by one the lamps revealed a lavish living space, with fringed pillows scattered freely across the carpeted floor, bowls of ripe fresh fruit and hundreds of tiny totems of headless female figurines sporting huge hips and tiny breasts.

Two women moved about the tent, sporting huge hips and large, plump breasts. The two had massive manes of hair in thousands of tiny black ringlets that overflowed their rounded shoulders. They had dark brown eyes and honey-brown skin, their full lips were as red as dark wine and they were wearing even less than when he had seen them in the broken lands.

You?” Ash tried to shout, betrayed by a crack in his voice.

Yes, sir. We heard you had quite a battle. Suboq sends us warriors in need of... healing,” one of the women said, smiling at him with her eyes.

I'll be fine,” Ash said curtly. I need to get out of here. These witches cannot be trusted.

You will be fine, sweetie,” the other one said as she put her bare foot down on the chair near his groin. “First, let me help you with this.” She bent over him and started removing his mail shirt, her breasts lightly grazing his cheek and nose. Her toes were only just barely touching his groin, which had started tingling. Already? This is not going well.

The other woman bent down between his legs and started removing his leg greaves and pants. “Your knee will need some attending too, sir,” she said, the fullness of her ample bosom and thighs fully visible in the dim lamplight.

Ash stirred nervously and adjusted himself in his chair so as to avoid their unwelcome contact. I must be strong. Think of castle maps. Of historic battles. The yearning in his loins grew even more intense. This is not working. Clearstone Keep. Glassbeard. Revenge. The white demon. Lara's face. The dead frog. Lara's eyes. Cody's throat. Cody's thick legs. Thick, voluptuous legs. Blood, spurting from ample breasts, giant brown nipples, the Empress, these Empresses, please, Torain, don't let me falter, I am stronger than this...

Before he realized what was happening he had been stripped naked and the two women were gently caressing his hairy chest and broad shoulders with their delicate fingers. “Only one of us may heal you at a time,” one of them purred lazily, eyeing him with a longing, pregnant gaze. “You must choose.”

No,” Ash said weakly. “Give me my clothes, I'm leaving. I'm free to go.”

You will not choose one of us?” the other said, parting her plump lips in a pouting smile.


The two gave each other a fierce, knowing look. “Then we will choose for you.”

They tenderly pushed Ash down into his cushioned chair and sauntered to opposite sides of the tent, dropping the tiny amount of clothing they had onto the rich carpet as they walked. Ash felt a lump in his throat as he stared at their wide hips and voluptuous derrieres swinging from side to side. The two women turned to face each other, then locked eyes as they slowly crouched down onto their hands and knees. The twins circled, crawling along the ground on all fours, staring down the other, both mouthing silent curses at her enemy. Ash wanted to look away but the sight froze him to his chair, his member the only part of his entire body that could move.

The two women circled, each insulting the other with dismissive glances and angry whispers, until the agreed-upon moment arrived. The women lunged at each other. Their naked bodies collided together with a soft, hungry slap, and each woman began to strain against her rival. The two women's breasts pressed together, their strong thighs grinding into the other's in a sensual struggle for physical superiority. Muscles rippled across their glistening backs as their arms strained against each other, their fingers locked together, their hips gyrating from one side to the other to seize the most minute advantage. Ash could barely hear their heavy breathing over his own thundering heartbeat.

The two women pressed together on their knees for some time, sweat dripping from their faces, their thick red lips nearly kissing as they pressed their foreheads together and stared daggers into the other's eyes. In a breath the two had tumbled to the floor, rolling around amidst the luxurious cushions and pillows. Their fingers released and they began to tightly hug each other, their erect nipples thrusting deep into their rival's soft breasts. The two women's legs entwined like vines, their thighs locked and their bare feet rubbed against bare feet as their voluptuous bodies melted into a tangled knot of female flesh. Their heavy breathing was spiced first by small grunts, then quiet yelps as they lightly bit each other's necks.

The sweet scent of girls grappling filled the tent, and every cell in Ash's body was soon overflowing in savage, insatiable lust.

Ash could not tell where one woman ended and the other began. Their thick masses of hair glistened in the dim light as the two bodies coiled around each other in a carnal mass of skin and sweat. Both women were soon grunting and panting loudly, bucking their hips against each other as their arms squeezed harder and harder, inner thigh squeezing against inner thigh. Their sexes came together, battled, then retreated, causing both women to shudder and moan before renewing the attack with ferocious intensity.

Ash nursed his erection with one hand and felt his heart racing with the other. They're enjoying this. They've done this before. The thought made him even harder, his member swelling beyond anything he had ever thought possible.

Suddenly both twins released their tight bearhugs and the lavish carpets were soon covered in a sweaty, chaotic tangle of two bodies writhing on the floor. One woman wrapped her fleshy thighs around her rival's waist and the other replied by playfully biting an exposed buttock. The first one grabbed a handful of disheveled hair and roughly shoved her full breast into the other's mouth, but not before the second had moved her dainty fingers into the other's sex and started rubbing sensually. The two fought back-and-forth for a short breath of eternity, matching each other in an erotic dance of perfect symmetry.

The two women struggled against each other on the ground, moaning louder and louder as they wrestled, neither twin getting the best of her rival and neither one giving in. Finally Ash could not contain it any longer and released. At that same moment one of the women rolled on top of the other and pinned her exhausted foe to the ground, the full weight of her body pressed against her panting adversary. The two women stopped their fight at once, each breathing heavily, until the victor lazily straddled her conquest's glistening chest with her amply-curved derriere. Out of breath herself, she turned toward Ash and smiled an evil grin.

You're next.”